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Dear readers, what we bring to you today and every other week is a collection of the most important information out there.  While a lot of you are sitting in the cities, working hard at making sure life doesn't stop while the war rolls along, you're having to rely on the news from passing adventurers, or what the government is willing to hand down to you.  Or maybe you're getting fed a bunch of stories about how the Horde is really just like us, or how the Alliance needs to be more giving, or--worse yet--that the Alliance brought this war on ourselves and maybe defending ourselves is the wrong way to go!

Oh yes indeed, my dear readers, there are people out there who think that just because the Horde wants stuff, that this gives them the right to take it from us!  They think that just because the Horde doesn't have something they want, that we should just give it to them--and that the Horde is perfectly okay to "ask" by hitting the nearest night elf or dwarf in the face with an axe!  They spin out some sad story about housing problems or resources or starving orclings in Razor Hill, and you kind of feel sorry for the little guys.

But have you ever wondered whether what they're telling you is the TRUTH?  Of course you have!  You're not stupid!  You don't just accept what any old flea-bitten passerby tells you.  You're discerning and smart, or else how would you get through the day without losing your shirt?

So it should come as a relief that The Vigilant Times is hitting the streets all over Azeroth!  Here and here only will you get the unvarnished TRUTH about the Horde's vision for Azeroth, about what the Alliance is doing for you (while you're doing what you can for the Alliance!), and about the brave people who are doing the doing!  We'll work hard to make sure that you get nothing but the real TRUTH, so as to earn your trust!

Because in the end, the TRUTH is the best weapon against fear, against apathy, and against an enemy that feeds on both of them!  Join us as we spread the TRUTH to everyone, and show that the Alliance deserves to defend ourselves against an aggressive enemy that wants to eat all our food, take all the furniture, and then send us a bill for the shipping costs.
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